Thrive Yoga & Mindfulness

Body positive yoga with Ella will raise you up and put a smile on your beautiful face! Ella is a holistic therapist and yogi so she teaches yoga from the belief that no one individual is the same - we are each unique in our own special way. Her classes offer variations for all abilities, they are a safe and inclusive space for any body to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of yoga. 

Expect traditional vinyasa flow with plenty of variations offered, combined with mantra and intuitive movement to uplift, stretch and strengthen the body and mind. At the core of all Ella’s classes is body positivity, these classes are free from judgement, she encourages self-compassion no matter how you feel about your body. Expect to feel like the best version of yourself as you step off the mat!

At the heart of all Thrive classes is a big warm hug, this is an inclusive safe space for ANY BODY who has ever felt mentally or physically challenged by the idea of rocking up to a yoga class. We see you, we feel you, you are welcome here. 

Our classes are all accessible for beginners, no matter your size, fitness or experience - that goes for yoga & meditation. 


All bookings are now made via the The Pink Room website - click here.