L E T' S  T H R I V E 

Say What?!

L E T' S  T H R I V E is a 6 week on demand course which teaches you all the skills you wished you had been taught from day dot.  This course is like no other. It is a combination of mindfulness, life coaching, holism, natural healing and general "oh my god why didn't I know this earlier" sort of therapy. It's like a "best bits" of the wellness industry translated into relatable content for you to begin to apply to your life. 

Let's Thrive is delivered by founder, Ella alongside other experts in the wellness industry. The course is on-demand so you can work your way through the material bit by bit, pause, rewind and revisit. 

Who is this course for?

If you have ever wanted to know more about your mind and how to slow down, this course is for you!

Let's Thrive is for absolutely anyone who wants to learn ways to improve their relationship with themselves & their mind. The course specifically targets anxiety and self-depreciating tendencies and teaches tools to show you the way towards a more peaceful and compassionate mind-body experience.  So, let's thrive! 

The Course Content

An Introduction to Mindfulness​​

  • What is mindfulness

  • The science of stress

  • Setting intention

  • How to breathe properly

  • Self-practice guide : body scanning & deep belly breathing

Informal & Formal Mindfulness

  • Incorporating mindfulness into a busy life

  • Practical skills: Dry brushing & 54321

  • Introducing meditation & finding your own vibe

  • Self-practice guide: vocal chakra meditation

Cultivating Compassion

  • Re-framing "I am not enough" beliefs

  • 5 steps towards cultivating self-compassion

  • Self-practice guide: loving kindness meditation

  • Introducing gratitude practice

Discovering Your Dharma

  • Uncovering your core values to discover your life purpose

The Importance of THE BREATH

  • Self-practice guide: nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)

  • The history of breathwork

  • The science of breathwork


Modes of Holistic Self-Care

  • An introduction to ayuverda & the breath with Binny Chadha Saandal​

  • An introduction to self-care & fatigue with Kendra Howard

  • An introduction to EFT & reiki with Emma Arden

Let's Sleep

  • The science of sleep 

  • The stress/sleep connection

  • Common sleep barriers and how to overcome them

  • Holistic sleep aids

  • Self-practice guide: dream breathing 

  • Optional extra : Let's Sleep with @nutritionwith.sophie

Cost:  £80 | or £40.  At Thrive we believe everyone should have access to well-being. So this course has been subsidised by some of our other business to be able to offer it at an affordable price to those who cannot afford to pay the full amount. If you are in financial difficulty please use code "letsthrive" at checkout to receive a 50% discount. If you are able please respect the value of this course and pay full price.