Valuing You.

So in class a few weeks ago I asked participants to think about 4 questions in order to establish what they value. It might sound daft but what we value is at the core of who we are and research suggests that people who are guided by a set of values have healthier heads.

I asked them:

  1. What lights your fire? What do you enjoy doing?

  2. If you were looking back on your life in old age, what would you be most pleased about?

  3. What are you doing when you are at your happiest?

  4. What characteristics do you value & respect most in other people?

Over four weeks I asked the questions and asked them to write down a answer, in the hope there would be a pattern emerging. With the aim that they could then sit down, write out their values and brainstorm ways of actively engaging with them, to improve their experiences and sense of self.

So let's do it together.

Answer the questions above, and then separate the values you discover with different headings. Beneath each heading write down different ways you could incorporate those values into your life. Take a look at my example below and try to make your own.

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