• Ella

Brixton Therapy Centre

Great news, I have another clinic space! This time in Brixton, which I am exponentially excited about because it means I get to spend more time in Brixton which will inevitably mean I will be eating a lot better, and by better, I mean tastier!

I joined the team at Brixton Therapy Centre in January, and I already love it. The team are really professional, all experts in their field, but most importantly really friendly and intuitive. I get such a good vibe from this place, plus the receptionists are really happy (and fantastic) which I think is always a good indication of how good or bad a centre is.

An interesting difference I have noted since operating from two clinics, is that each attract a different clientele. Although I adore working as a pregnancy massage therapist and with women, in Balham I almost never get booked to treat men, whereas in the Brixton centre because it is primarily osteopathy I get booked for deep tissue massage with male clients, meaning I get a bit of diversity (and a work out).

The centre also encourages treatment swaps, so that we can refer within the clinic, which I think is amazing not only so we know who does what and keep ourselves in good health, but build a bit of trust and rapport between the therapists and admin team.

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