Student Mindfulness

Whatever the age, mindfulness skills can significantly benefit students' mental wellbeing and give them positive tools to use for life.

In particular teaching students mindfulness & self-care practices can:

  • Improve exam performance

  • Decrease class disruption

  • Increase self-belief and confidence

  • Reduce anxiety and anxiety related behaviors 

  • Improve concentration

  • Increase compassion & gratitude

  • Help prevent a life-time of mental ill-health

There are countless benefits to teaching students self-care and mindfulness techniques, by encouraging small changes in thought process and behavior early, we can equip students with the tools to manage their mental-health before unhelpful habits have chance to creep in and become habits for life, potentially helping them navigate a life free of mental-illness. 

I work with schools and universities, adapting my course to whatever your needs are, to equip your students with real skills for a better, happier life.