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The best way to get a feel for Thrive and what we offer is to check out our IGTV which is cram-packed with useful videos, live collabs with other industry experts and follow along tutorials. 

From Ella

Hiya, I am Ella! I am a female empowerment wellbeing coach, holistic therapist and yoga teacher. Men don’t let this put you off, I also massage a lot of rugby players and strong men so don’t be fooled, I can work with you just as well as the female body! 

I am strong, compassionate and skilled as a therapist - I work with your needs and my own intuition to release tension in the body and the mind. My clients come back to me because my therapies are personal to each individual but also because they can’t get enough of a neuro-musculer technique I use to release points of tension. I work with your breath and your immune response to target “knots” in a way that doesn’t create too much discomfort, which means you are also able to relax and focus on the mind while I focus on your body. 

Usui Reiki is at the heart of all my therapies, I use reiki like drawing breath - it is second nature to work with your energy to guide my intuition and to help you on your healing journey. 

I am dedicated to female empowerment and building confidence in my clients, I run body positive yoga classes to lift and empower women and have a deep rooted love for pregnancy and post-natal massage. For me there is nothing more rewarding than nurturing a woman through pregnancy and watching as she flourishes in her new role. I am currently studying to be a pregnancy and mum & baby yoga teacher - which is incredibly exciting. I have also been honoured to work with schools to coach teenage girls with mental health concerns about mindfulness and body positivity. 

I use vegan, natural products - and work with Neal’s Yard in my facials - dreamy. 

Looking forward to meeting you - Ella xoxo

T H R I V E was created in 2020 amidst the corona-virus pandemic. Founder, Ella saw a dire mental-health crisis emerging and in response began offering free well-being & mindfulness classes online.

The classes were hugely popular and it became clear how needed mindfulness was. 
Ella began to produce free content on her instagram with the aim to provide hope and a little respite for those who had never before struggled with their minds, giving them tools to use for life.  From here she has worked with businesses, charities, schools and continues to support the public with accessible content. 

At the very core of T H R I V E is a message of self-compassion. Ella is a strong advocate of body postivity within wellness. She is cultivating self-compassion in an inclusive, safe space for any BODY. 

T H R I V E is a blend of mindfulness, yoga and holism and draws on years of personal and professional experience. We work with some of the leading experts within the well-being industry to be able to truly guide you to a place where you can thrive. 
It will be our honor to walk beside you on your journey to being the best version of you!